The Internet environment that connects various objects and integrates them into an intelligent system is rapidly expanding across industries based on information and communication technology.

For Smart Factory, Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Farm and so on, Alphagon provides intelligent end-to-end solutions that integrate existing IoT systems and sensors, wired and wireless communications, networks, big data, and cloud technologies into the ONE.

Alphagon is the technology that collects data based on wired and wireless networks by combining sensor technology with things such as facilities, machinery and commodities, cloud computing, big data analysis, machine learning, Data visualization.

Finally Alphagon can help reduce energy / resources, eliminate industry hazards, and improve interoperability between systems.

Therefore, Alphagon is the excellent technology to build a system that increases production efficiency and operational efficiency.
Alphagon - 각종 사물에 센서와 통신 기능을 내장하여 인터넷에 연결하는 기술
> 집 안의 온도계부터 시작하여 도시, 공공시설, 건강 관련 기기 등 다양한 분야에서 혁진적인 서비스와 가치 제공