Alphagon Smart HOME IoT System


Smart HOME IoT System

Alphagon is Smart IoT system using old smartphone.

Based on Korea case, The number of Korea domestic mobile subscribers is currently 57.75 million, which is about 114% of the population as of April 2015, and it has been already saturated in Korea.
Since the launch of smartphone in 2007, 10 years ago, Smartphone shows us IT device of the fastest replacement cycles worldwide.
According to the Korea released data, more than 13 millions old smartpheones is not in use.

Korea has the shortest smartphone replacing period worldwide, 1.4 year.

In Korea, there are a lot of old Smartphone due to quick replacement.
It means almost people has over two old smartphone at home.

But, unfortunately it’s hard to recycle, recycling rate is under 25%.
As a result, resource wasting is becoming serious.

When you put it into Alphagon, it will be changed to great smart IOT system.

Finally Alphagon is providing Smart Monitoring system, Smart Automation system, Smart Life system better than others.

Additionally, because Alphagon is using smarphone H/W spec. It leads to down price.

* IOT Hub System
* IT equipment remote control system
* Smart home security system
* Smart home monitoring system
* Living Environment Control System
* Fire detection system
* Personal NAS system