Alphagon Monitoring System


Monitoring System

This technology is intended to develop a unique, low-power radio transmitting terminal and an RF communication board that incorporates the built-in video signals to the One Board which is enabling low-power, light-weight, and efficient communication to support the high quality UAV management.

It’s Maritime wireless long range live monitoring system.
At this key point is HD long range wireless delivery technology.

Some countries have lots of islands, and suffering from many smuggling and the pirates, It needs to build up much more quick monitoring system.
So they request us to build up this system as soon as possible.

Alphagon providing Day/Night Dual Vision

Dual Optics Sensors

1. Color Video Camera for Day Vision
2. IR Thermal Camera for Night Vision

* High Image Quality
* Ultra Low-Light Sensitivity at Night (Total Dark 0 Lux)
* High Color Video Resolution at Day
* Ruggedd Housing, Sealed & Pressurized
* Control Box for PAN/Tilt/Zoom
* Detection Range Up To 20KM
* Micro-Step Target Tracking

All CCTV Cameras have a Basic Physical Limitation.
They need Light to work.

Alphagon will still be able to detect all the floating objects.
On all weather and light conditions at Long Ranges up to 30KM+

Thermal Imaging System built around a highly sensitive. Mid-wave Infrared Detector.
The dual field-of-view telescope allows the system to track objects at ranges exceeding 20KM.

Real-Time Automatic Video Improving Algorithm
Image/Noise Separate Extracting Algorithm

Powerful HD A/V Transmitting Technology

Core Tech, 4th Generation Mobile Communication

1. COFDM Modulation, H.264 Compression
2. Low-Delay(150ms) Full-HD 1080P Technique

* Transmit High Quality & Stable Image
* Suitable for Ship-Buoy-Monitoring Center
* Support 15~25W RF Power
* Small in Size, lightweight
* PAL/NTSC Self Adaption
* 20KM~35KM LOS Distance (on Sea)
* Frequency : 300~900MHz, 1.2G/2.4G/5.8GHz