Company History

Company History


Apr. Participated in Global Sources Mobile Electronics (Hongkong)
Feb. Signed Export Contract to Indonesia

Dec. Participated in K-Startup Meetup Stockholm (Sweden)
Dec. Participated in TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016 (England)
Sep. IoT 유휴 스마트폰 활용 신시장 창출형 제품 및 비지니스개발 사업 수행
May. OCF(Open Connectivity Foundation) Member
May. Completed Industry Core Technology Project
Mar. SPIN(Smart Power IoT Network) Member

Dec. Awarded the Prize fir K-ICT Startup Smart Device Contest
Sep. Certificated Venture Company
Aug. Awarded the Prize for 1st Global Startup Contest
Jul. Awarded the Prize for IoT Excellent Startup Contest
May. Completed Creative Project

Nov. Established Saintioe Corporation
Oct. 2 Applications for Patent on IoT Technology